TUUNGANE (from Kiswahili "let's unite/let's connect") is a community of dance creators and creatives from Europe (Germany based) and East Africa. Currently the community counts 36 members from 7 countries. Dancers, performers, choreographers, scholars, producers, managers, dramaturgues join in a shared online space to share, learn, create and grow together.


TUUNGANE DANCE joins dance creators from Kampala (Uganda), Nairobi (Kenya), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) and NRW (Germany) who understand intercultural, sustainable exchange on eye level as the base for a contemporary mode of collaboration – artistically and beyond. Through a diversity of constant sharing formats like live-talks, video messages and shared artistic practice they build a solid base for a long-term connection on an artistic and personal level. TUUNGANE DANCE is all about collective growth through conversations, exchange of perspectives and fusion of potentials.


An initiative by Jana Winterhalter | Logo Design and Artwork by Simone Mutert


Website: www.tuungane-dance.org
Online Community:www.tuungane-dance.co

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tuunganedance


Soulvisuals Serie "Tuungane"





Let’s unite. Denn die Welt braucht den Wandel.

Können Bilder, kann Kunst die Welt verändern? Ja. Kunst spricht eine Sprache, die keine Grenzen kennt. Sie kann uns unmittelbar berühren. Sie hat das Potential die Welt kraftvoll und friedlich zu verändern. Über Sprachen, Grenzen und kulturelle Barrieren hinaus.


Die Serie „Tuungane“ besteht aus grafischen Einzelwerken, gedruckt auf Fine Art Paper. In Kürze in verschiedenen Formaten verfügbar.


Artwork by Simone Nicole Mutert © soulvisuals.de